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STOP PRESS - For Hertford Chess Club players who do not have automatic renewal, it is now time to renew your ECF membership for the upcoming season please. Memberships run from 1st September to 31st August, but any renewals you make now will last until 31st August 2023. ECF renewal

Chess every Tuesday at the Hertford Club from 7.30pm in the ground floor bar area.

Thursday 11th August - Online Blitz   6 players started this evening although Simon and Mati dropped out. Paul won with Andrew second and Alan third.

Wednesday 10th August - 4NCL Online   Hertford have 3 teams registered for season 6 of 4NCL Online. The 1st round is Tuesday 13th September. Captain Dave Rudd will be contacting players soon.

Tuesday 26th July - HCA AGM   There was vitually no opposition to the proposal for the rate of play in all HCA competitions to move to 70 mins + 10 secs per player - with no adjourments. i.e Games will finish on the night.
Steve Law, the League Secretary intends to return to the usual league structure for the 2022 - 23 season. There should be at least 5 divisions of 7 teams.

Thursday 21st July - Online Blitz   There were 8 players once again with Paul coming out on top. Louis was on form to come second with Simon third.

Friday 15th July - Correspondence Chess   Mark Buswell is an advocate and plays it within the Hertfordshire County Chess Club on Chess.com. You can read about his exploits here.

Thursday 14th July - Online Blitz   8 players turned up for the return of the 10 minute blitz competition on lichess. Barry came first on tie break from Paul, 3.5/4. Simon was third, a point behind, 2.5/4.

Tuesday 12th July - Summer Social   Good to see so many attend our summer social in the garden at the Hertford Club. Special thanks to Corinne for organising it.

Club Championships
Hertford Club Champion 2021-22 Paul Byway
U1800 Champion - George Smith
U1600 Champion - Steve Zsibrita
U1400 Champion - Mati Kusowski

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Updated August 12th 2022

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